So, you have a few questions (FAQs) about what we do, how we do it and how awesome we are at our jobs? We completely understand. You should always feel comfortable asking questions and digging for details. After all, this is your wedding we’re dealing with!
To help you out, we’ve spent some time answering the questions we hear most. Take a peek, and get to know us, and understand what Hey! Party Collective is all about.

Here at Hey! Party Collective we take our work — not ourselves — very seriously. Our team takes a casual and comfortable approach to each unique event we organize, and we believe that our work can be, and should be, full of fun.

We work with clients who are looking for fresh, fun ideas and hip, edgy concepts — not usually what you find with your typical wedding planning operation. We love to push the boundaries of wedding planning to create new looks and fresh concepts that are completely unique to you as a couple and that will blow away you and your guests.

To this end, we work closely with a talented team of local venues and vendors. These folks are the true badasses of the industry, and some of our dearest friends. By partnering with like-minded companies, we can create the perfect party or special ceremony.

At Hey! Party Collective, we aren’t afraid to break a few rules or take a couple risks.

After all, this is YOUR wedding — you do you! We’ll get to know you as a couple — your personalities, senses of humor, styles and sensibilities — so that we can help create the most creative yet classy, you-feeling wedding possible. We’ll steer clear of overdone looks, and we won’t pitch ideas you’ve seen endlessly on Pinterest or wedding blogs.

Uncomfortable with garter and bouquet tosses? Cool. Don’t like cake? Don’t have cake! Tired of boring color palettes and matching bridesmaids’ dresses? Perfect. If you ask us, “Do you think it’s okay to skip (insert cliche/overdone tradition here) at our wedding?” our answer is almost (almost!) always, “Yep, totally okay.”

By taking a creative, hands-on approach to each and every wedding we coordinate, we’re able to give our clients what they’re looking for, even if we’re bucking the traditional, tired wedding trends.

If you haven’t quite found that special something in other planning companies, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Hey! Party Collective packages encompass what — after hundreds of events and a little trial and error — we’ve found our clients really need, and are crafted to avoid any common planning missteps. By offering succinct package options, we do the thinking for you so you can focus on the fun stuff.

If your needs don’t quite fit any of our package offerings, don’t sweat it. We offer hourly consulting services in addition to our preset packages. And, we are always willing to talk about options, so contact us today to set up a time to chat!

No event planner or person (nope, not even us) possesses the super powers necessary to arrive on the day of your wedding and run the show. And, let’s face it, you don’t actually want us to try to organize everything for you in a week either.

So, why are you seeing other planning companies offer Day-Of Coordination? Because they’re calling it the wrong name. A misnomer, if you will.

Around here, we call things what they are. That’s why we offer Wedding Management. We meet with you for an initial game-planning session and provide you with beneficial wedding planning guidance to kick start your own planning. Then, 4-6 weeks  before the big day, we assess what’s been done and what’s left, and take it from there. We’ll plan timelines, walk through your venue, contact and manage the vendors you’ve hired and finalize each and every detail — all so you don’t have to. By getting to know you, and getting involved beforehand, we’ll ALL be prepped and ready for your big day.

You like our answers so far?! Oh good.

First, we’ll meet, usually over beers or coffee, for a consultation. We’ll get to know a bit about you as a couple, and we’ll talk about your needs and your vision. If we click, we’ll make things more official with handshakes, hugs and contracts.

From there, we jump in headfirst. We’ll talk with our trusted venues and vendors, create design inspiration boards and dig into the details. We’ll create vendor lists and timelines, game plans and plan b’s — all so you don’t have to. We’ll always keep you in the loop, regardless of how involved (or not) you’ve been in the planning process. Plus, we always do our best answer emails in lightening speed.

To summarize, we’ll tirelessly work our tails off to make sure that all of our (and your!) efforts culminate into the most epicly awesome day of all time.

Absolutely. At Hey! Party Collective, we believe we are the company we keep. That’s why we work with with a talented team of venues and vendors — the true badasses of the biz, in our opinion. We’ve worked with a lot of vendors and venues, and have been lucky enough to find like-minded local companies to help us form our dream team.

We believe that by curating a trusted and trustworthy group of vendor partners in Denver and around Colorado, we can eliminate the most common wedding day mishaps and ensure that we make your day as seamless and stunning as possible.

An abbreviated list of our favorite industry friends can be found on our Collectively Better page — take a peek!

We’ll do better! Let’s skip the cliches and overdone details. Let’s keep that fun feeling, that Colorado vibe, but create something truly special — just like you.

We just love love around here! The crew at Hey! Party Collective welcomes all loving couples, regardless of culture, lifestyle, sexual orientation or identity.

We are inspired by all different kinds of love, and we are floored to work with couples and clientele who are head-over-heels and passionate about getting married. Whether you’re planning a religious or non-religious wedding, an LGBTQ ceremony or civil union, a commitment ceremony, a green/eco-friendly ceremony…you name it! We’ll use our knowledge and our skills to help create the perfect celebration for your one-of-a-kind love.

Hey! Party Collective works with couples from all walks of life. But there are some people who are, from the start, just…simpatico. Those people you meet and everything just clicks, you know? We love it when our jobs end in friendships, and when after it’s all said and done, we get to dance, drink and celebrate with our clients.

We work best with young, modern couples who are looking for something a little different in a wedding planning team. Our favorite couples are successful and sometimes a little silly, and aren’t afraid to break the mold of what a wedding can, or should, be. They are urban, a little edgy and have unique attitudes and personal aesthetics. Our couples love good food, new breweries and local businesses, and love being a part of the amazingness that is Denver these days.

If this sounds a little (or a lot!) like you, get in touch today!

Wedding Day Management packages start at $1,800. Our pricing depends a lot on what you’re looking for. The venue and location, number of guests, level of planning assistance needed, and complexity of the ceremony and reception you’re envisioning — all of these details affect the price tag for our services.

Once we’ve met for the first time and talked about what you’re looking for, you’ll receive a proposal (sans ring, sorry!) with services and package options based on our discussion. Changes to scope or budget will never be made without your expressed permission.